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About Us

The Future at Your Fingertips

Protech prides itself in the manufacturing of some of the most stylish, lightweight and comfortable radiation protective products on the market. Our x-ray protective apparel includes aprons, eyewear, surgical gloves and much more. Protech products are ideal for physicians, nurses, and medical technicians in many different areas within the medical field.

As part of our commitment to creating new and innovative products, Protech is proud to now offer IntelliTrack; the intelligent apron inventory management system. IntelliTrack will revolutionize the way hospitals manage their apron inventory and will ensure compliance with the Joint Commission is made simple and easy. IntelliTrack builds on all the functionality other systems couldn’t deliver and offers it into one complete package.

Protech’s mission is to keep you safe by reducing your exposure to ionizing radiation and its harmful effects whilst offering lightweight and stylish solutions. Protech as an organization, as well as the team it employs, takes great pride in the quality of its products. Due to the influence and dedication that has been carried down over the last few decades. Our staff understands the importance of the products we manufacture and how they contribute to your wellbeing. Our concern is, and will always be, your safety.